How often should you clean your aircon filter?


How often should you clean your aircon filter?

Health matters are something always worth it to discuss. Today, the element of discussion is the ventilation and purity of the air in indoor spaces. Air quality debates have been on the rise when it comes to corporate spaces and workplace health and safety, but they are equally relevant to home environments as well.

One thing we can have control of regarding air quality is the condition of air conditioners. In spaces artificially climatised, air conditioners are responsible not only for controlling the room temperature but also the airflow.  For this reason, air conditioning units and specifically the filters must be properly maintained and cleaned regularly.

Proper maintenance can also extend the lifespan of your devices and increase efficiency, allowing air conditioners to work more powerfully for either heating or cooling.

The air conditioner filter is the element that captures dirt, debris, allergens, and bacteria that are transported through the air and prevents them from entering your home. This is why it’s very common for filters to get dirty only after a few months of use. 

So, how often should aircon filters be cleaned?

“How often should I clean my filter?” is one of the most frequent questions we receive.

In general, we recommend checking your aircon and cleaning the filter every 3 months. This usually coincides with the change of season. We also reinforce the importance of understanding the function of air filters and know when and how to clean or replace them.

Furthermore, it is also important to properly clean the indoor unit every now and then. Over time, the condensing liquid and moisture may grow fungus and mould, causing allergies and/or bad smells.

How to clean the air conditioner filter?

To achieve a good cleaning, you must open/remove your aircon protective cover carefully, as indicated in the user guide that comes with the air conditioner. Remove the filter also as instructed. Clean it with a very soft brush or with the vacuum cleaner on low mode. If there is a lot of dust accumulated, you can use a water and neutral detergent to remove the excess grime. In this case, let the filter dry in the shade before putting it back to prevent bad odours.

It is important to never use sharp or hard utensils or any chemical cleaning product to avoid damaging the filter and compromising its functioning.

To conclude:

Benefits of having clean air conditioning filters:

  • Improve air quality.
  • Avoid allergic diseases.
  • Eliminate bad odours.
  • Extend the life of your air conditioner.
  • Increase the machine efficiency and reduce running costs.

For more info about air conditioners, visit our blog. For a full air conditioner deep cleaning service, contact The 99 People today!

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Book Top-Quality Air Conditioner Cleaning at Budget-Friendly Prices, Starting from $99

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